Brad's welding shop proudly manufacturing cattle and farm equipment since 1999.

We have hay feeders, hay trailers, round bale feeders and much more!

NEW Quality Cattle Equipment from Brad’s Welding Shop

As most of you know our motto at Brads Welding Shop for the last 15 years is if we don’t build it we don’t sell it, but with that being said we’re pleased to announce that we are Missouri’s newest dealer for Arrowquip cattle equipment. We took this product on only because we believe it is some of the best equipment on the market today with customer service second to none. If you’re in the market for the best cattle chutes around give us a call at 660-413-3452.


One of a kind custom trailer!

We have had our Hayliner bale mover for 2 hay seasons and don’t know how we ever got along without it. We bale about 3,000 round bales of hay and straw total a season. The Hayliner trailer is the most efficient and safe way to move round bales.

Alan W., Muncie Indiana

Big thank you to Charles and Shirley Stallo for purchasing the one of a kind FFA trailer in support of the Marceline chapter. Thanks to everyone who shared, liked, and also bid online in support of the kids. Not going to lie we are glad it stayed local and look forward to it going past the shop for several years!

Dons Hay Liner Trailer
“Just to let you know I purchased this trailer 2 years ago thinking hauling 6 bales rather than the 4 I was hauling before would be the biggest advantage to this trailer. Boy was I wrong loading and unloading is so much faster and easier it really is time saving. Money well spent.” – Don

Brand new Hay Liner Trailer! It makes it easy!

Brad's Welding Shop - Building


After leaving his regular job in 1996, Brad Niemeier opened up Brad’s Welding Shop, where he would begin building a small line of cattle feeding equipment including, hay feeders, inline hay trailers & round bale feeders as well as self-dumping and self-unloading trailers. His small, part time business would get its start in a small, two car garage.

By 1999, Niemeier expanded to manufacturing a full line of cattle and farming equipment. Brad’s Welding Shop would also become one of the very first companies to mass produce continuous fence panels.

Since its debut in 1996, the small two car garage would grow to close to 12,000 square feet of manufacturing, and also has seven full time employees.

All employees at Brad’s Welding Shop take pride in building products that are designed to withstand years of use and that make their customers’ operations more efficient and economical. These products are made from high quality material and are often improved without affecting the cost of the product. All manufactured products are tested and used on the Niemeier family farm.